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Practical Tips for Closing the Deal
Posted on 5 May 2009 by ABA YLD 101 Series

"Closing" a transaction is one of the most important duties performed by a junior business attorney. A transaction is considered closed when all requisite documents have been negotiated, signed and delivered, any instruments or certificates... Read More

Distribution Contracts
Posted on 29 Jan 2008 by AME3bg

There are many ways for a supplier to bring its products or services to market. It may sell directly through employees to the ultimate user. It may sell through commission sales agents who do not take title. It may sell to independent wholesalers or distributors... Read More

The New Banking Crisis: Veteran Banking Attorneys Say This Time Around Things Are Very Different
Posted on 24 Feb 2009 by HB Litigation Conferences

The last several months may have seemed a bit like a reunion for veteran banking litigators, Hughes Hubbard & Reed’s Dennis Klein told participants at the opening of a two-day conference on the FDIC and the New Banking Crisis held in mid-January... Read More

Focus on Antitrust
Posted on 15 Dec 2008 by AME3bg

Antitrust law is a specialized area of the law that focuses on the balance between consumer protection and free commerce. Antitrust and trade practice implicate the availability, variety and price of any good or service at any stage of development worldwide... Read More

Practicing Transportation Law
Posted on 16 Jan 2009 by LexisHub Staff

Increased international trade and the growing global economy have brought transportation law to the forefront in recent years. Transportation Law focuses on the legal issues affecting the aviation, railroad, motor carrier, and water industries. Attorneys... Read More

Applicability of Contract Law Theory to the AIG Executive Bonus Scandal
Posted on 30 Mar 2009 by Dr. John E. Murray, Jr.

The outrage over the millions in taxpayer dollars paid in bonuses to AIG employees induced a frantic search to discover ways to address this putative injustice. Leading contract law authority Dr. John Murray, Jr. examines several tenets of contract law... Read More

Security Interest in a Deposit Account Must Be Perfected by a Control Agreement
Posted on 29 Jan 2008 by AME3bg

John Councellor was the president and controlling stockholder of First Metals and Plastics Technologies, Inc. He loaned the company more than $200,000 and filed a financing statement with the Indiana Secretary of State's office on December 30, 2002... Read More

Real Estate Financing: How to Document Securitized Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Loans
Posted on 29 Jan 2008 by AME3bg

Ensuring uninterrupted cashflow is a key element of securitized mortgage documentation. A SECURITIZED MORTGAGE LOAN is a commercial real estate mortgage loan that is underwritten and documented to ensure that it will be marketable to investors in the... Read More

The Basics of Security Interests
Posted on 16 May 2008 by AME3bg

As a condition to getting a loan, a business is usually required to provide assets as security or collateral. The borrower signs a security agreement giving the lender the power to foreclose on the assets if the business defaults on the loan. Depending... Read More

U.S. Governmental Receivables
Posted on 29 Jan 2008 by AME3bg

A lender perfects its security interest in U.S. government receivables by compliance with Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). However, in order to ensure that it receives payments directly from the applicable governmental agency on such U... Read More

Practicing Public Contracts Law
Posted on 30 Dec 2008 by AME3bg

Public or government contracts law deals with the complex and specialized body of statutes and regulations that govern the acquisition of goods and services by the government. The federal government and each state government have their own rules and regulations... Read More

Consignments under U.C.C. Article 9
Posted on 16 Mar 2009 by Duplicate - do not use this profile

SUMMARY: As the economy continues to weaken across all sectors, consignment arrangements may become more attractive to dealers. In the typical consignment, the consignor is a manufacturer of goods that wishes to sell them in the market. The consignee... Read More

Real Estate Financing: Benefits of the UCC Insurance Policy
Posted on 29 Jan 2008 by AME3bg

Some of the large land-title insurance companies now offer Uniform Commercial Code ("UCC") insurance policies. UCC insurance provides indemnity insurance for the attachment, priority, and perfection of the lender's security interest (there... Read More

Understanding Commercial Leasing
Posted on 4 May 2009 by ABA YLD 101 Series

The task of drafting and negotiating a commercial lease can be daunting to the uninitiated practitioner. The attorney must not only have a grasp of the basic real estate concepts underlying a lease agreement, but also must have a working knowledge of... Read More

Structural and Legal Issues in Commercial Mortgage Securitization Transactions
Posted on 29 Jan 2008 by AME3bg

In an asset securitization or structured finance transaction, the primary structural goal is to isolate the assets or collateral which will generate the cash flow to investors. Outside credit risks or exposure should be removed to the greatest extent... Read More