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LexisNexis® provides research tools for academic and public libraries, fundraising and alumni professionals, general counsel, paralegal schools, loan officers, and campus security officers.

College and University Libraries

Meet the research needs of your faculty and students with quick access to comprehensive and credible business, legal and news information.

Secondary School Libraries

Prepare your college-bound students for college-level research while supporting coursework ranging from U.S. Government, student theses and debate teams to foreign language and international studies.

Public and State Libraries

Offer your public library patrons easy access to comprehensive, credible business, legal, and news information, while consolidating resources without compromising on content.

Development Professionals

Leverage an efficient and effective prospect research tool to help maximize your fundraising efforts.

Academic General Counsel

Meet the critical legal research needs of college and university general counsel and other school legal professionals.

Paralegal Programs

Give your paralegal students a head start on developing the critical research and litigation skills they need in order to be successful.

Student Loan Officers

Increase your school’s success by having an effective Default Prevention Program.

Campus Security Officers

Security officers can reduce crime rates while maximizing budget and resources.

Batch Services

Update and maintain large volumes of records through the largest and most comprehensive database of public and proprietary information available.

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