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Business NeedsMarketing & Competitive Intelligence

How can you monitor and track a company or an entire global industry? Do you have the tools you need to accurately pinpoint your organization’s place among competitors? Use LexisNexis® solutions to get ahead of market trends, paint a complete portrait of a competitor and get a clear take on how your brand is perceived.

Examine & share market trends

Keeping your finger on the pulse of shifts in your industry, market or field has never been possible before with this much precision. Rely on these LexisNexis® solutions to keep your team informed and looking forward.

Research competitors

Keeping track of other players in your field requires analysis of a variety of databases coupled with state–of–the–art search technologies. LexisNexis solutions bring together thousands of sources so you can study financial information and even see how your competitors are faring in court.

Track your brand

Monitor the vitality and perception of your brand and reputation during good times and rough times. Use LexisNexis solutions to gain actionable insights to keep your brand strong and get out in front of risks and opportunities.