Business Products for Law, Education & Government

Account Monitoring 
Accurint® for Collections
Accurint® for Government
Accurint® for Health Care 
Accurint® for Insurance
Accurint® for Insurance Plus
Accurint® for Law Enforcement
Accurint® for LE Plus
Advanced Investigative Solutions 
Anti-Money Laundering Solutions
atVantageTM, LexisNexis®
Automated Forms, LexisNexis®
Automobile Liability Insurance Reporting
Background Screening 
Banko® Solutions 
Bankruptcy Management 
Bankruptcy Practice Center on Lexis Transactional Advisor
Batch Solutions
Batch Solutions for Government
Best Authority
Billing Decisions 
Bridger InsightTM XG
Business Assurance Report
C.L.U.E ® Home Seller's Disclosure Reports 
C.L.U.E.® Auto 
C.L.U.E.® Property 
Candidate Eligibility Factors 
Carrier DiscoveryTM
CaseMap® Case Analysis Software
CaseMap® Suite
Chargeback Defender®
Claims Decisions 
Claims Discover (SM) 
Claims Prefill
CLE (Continuing Legal Education) Courses
Commercial Attract
Commercial Practice Center on Lexis Transactional Advisor
Compliance 360
Compliance Management Solutions 
Compliance Reporting
Concordance® FYITM
Concordance® Hosted FYITM
Concordance® Image
Congressional Digital Hearings Collection
Congressional Research Digital Collection
Contact & Locate
Contractor Screening
Corporate Affiliations
Corporate Practice Center on Lexis Transactional Advisor
Counsel to Counsel Forums
Court Records, OCCCR
Credit Attributes for Collections 
Current Carrier
Cyber Analtyics Platform 
Data Analytics Supercomputer (DAS) 
Data Backup and Protection Service, LexisNexis®
Data Prefill 
Data/Systems Hosting Services, LexisNexis®
Direct Link 
Disaster Recovery Services, LexisNexis®
Dossier Suite
Driver Discovery 
Driver Qualification File 
Drug and Alcohol Screening 
Employee Eligibility Verification 
Employment Screening and Background Checks
Enterprise Data Fusion
Environmental Practice Center on Lexis Transactional Advisor
Ethisphere Council
Expert Services
File & Serve
Financial Institution Reporting System 
Fingerprinting Screening
Florida Legal Periodicals
Forms and Templates (print and CD)
FraudPoint® Attributes 
Global IP Law Service
Global Screening Solutions 
Home Ownership Verification 
Instant Age Verify 
Instant Authenticate 
Instant Verify
InstantID® International 
InstantID® Q&A
Insurance Portal
Insurance Practice Center on Transactional Advisor
InterAction® Content Subscriptions
InterAction® Related Modules for Law Firms
International Enhanced Due Diligence
International Practice Center on Lexis Transactional Advisor
Invitation to Apply Consumer Attributes
IP Sources at®
Juris® Financial Management Solutions
Lambda Suite
Law Firm Marketing

LAW PreDiscoveryTM
Legal Marketing Center
Lender Insurance Verification®
Lexis® Document Profiling 
Lexis® for Microsoft Office
Lexis® Search Advantage
LexisNexis® Analyzer
LexisNexis for Development Professionals
LexisNexis® Due Diligence Dashboard
LexisNexis® Full Service Expert Witness Search Powered by IDEX
LexisNexis® Insurance Compliance
LexisNexis® Library Express
LexisNexis® myIdeas
LexisNexis® Publisher and Publisher Link
LexisNexis® services at
LexisNexis® Tax Center
LexisNexis® Total Litigator
Direct Marketing Lists
M&A Practice Center on Transactional Advisor
Maritime Domain Awareness
MarketImpactTM and MarketImpactTM Express
Martindale-Hubbell® Attorney MatchSM
Martindale-Hubbell® Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers TM 
Martindale-Hubbell® Counsel to Counsel Forums
Martindale-Hubbell® Counsel to Counsel Magazine Articles & Features
Martindale-Hubbell® Directory of Experts & Services
Martindale-Hubbell® Diversity Profiles
Martindale-Hubbell® eAttorney®
Martindale-Hubbell® Industry & Practice Group Profiles
Martindale-Hubbell® Law Firm Web Sites
Martindale-Hubbell® Lawyer & Firm Professional Biographies
Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review RatingsSM Acknowledgements
Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review RatingsSM Toolkit
Martindale-Hubbell® Practice Area Newsletters
Martindale-Hubbell® Published Legal Articles
Martindale-Hubbell® Search Placement Pro
Martindale-Hubbell® Sponsorships
Martindale-Hubbell® Web Marketing Solutions
Matthew Bender®
Mealey'sTM Litigation Reports
Mealey'sTM Litigation Reports Commentaries
Medical Compliance Services
Mortgage Asset Research Institute 
Mortgage Fraud Detection & Prevention 
Mortgage Industry Data Exchange (MIDEX®) 
Motor Vehicle Records 
National Credit File
NetDocuments® from LexisNexis®
NoteMap® Legal Outline Software
Occupational Health Testing Network 
Parker Directory of California Attorneys Advertising
Patent Case Assessment Reports, LexisNexis®
Payment Solutions
PCLaw Billing and Accounting Software
Police Records Retrieval 
Policy Decisions Commercial 
Policy Decisions Personal 
Policy Watch 
Predictive Modeling 
Prepackaged Integrations 
ProMonitorTM for Law Enforcement 
Prospect Portfolio
Publisher for Current Awareness, LexisNexis®
Random Drug and Alcohol Testing 
Rate Analyst
Real Estate Practice Center on Lexis Transactional Advisor
Real Property
Relavint Desktop
Reporting Decisions 
Resident Screening 
Retail Theft Contributory Database 
Return Mail 
Risk Management Solutions® 
Risk Research 
RiskViewTM Attributes 
Screening Solutions(for legal), LexisNexis®
Securities Practice Center on Transactional Advisor
Semantic search, LexisNexis®
Shepard's® Citations Service
Shepard's® Statue Reports
SHL Assessments
Small Business Risk Store
Specialty Screening
Tax Center, LexisNexis®
TextMap® Electronic Transcript Management Software
TimeMap® Timeline Software for Case Analysis
Time Matters® Practice Management Software
Total Alerts powered by Ozmosys®, LexisNexis®
Total Litigator, LexisNexis®
Total Practice AdvantageTM, LexisNexis
TotalPatent®, LexisNexis®
Transactional Advisor, LexisNexis®
Vendor Screening
VIN Services 
Volunteer Screening 
Workflow Optimization